Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enjoying the Break

I have really enjoyed the unexpected two days off of work! I just returned from a beach trip last week and have really been craving some Riley time! The time off could not have come at a better time! I took advantage of every moment and was able to do a couple of fun things with Riley that I have been wanting to do! I was brave enough to try introducing him to finger painting! Of course he stuck his finger in the paint and then it went right into his mouth! I should have known because everything goes in his mouth, but I think I added to the confusion because I had him sit in his high chair. I thought it was the perfect place to contain him and the mess! I did not have a paint free hand to take pictures of this moment, but I have three new master pieces for the fridge as evidence. ;-) He made my day the next day, when he went and got the paint out of the closet and asked for more! He only lasted for one painting the second day. He started rubbing the paint on his body like he does soap. I was so tickled which encouraged him to keep it up so we had to wrap up the art session for the day! ;-)

We walked to the park to feed the ducks and he loved every minute! He really likes to be outside! The first time we took him to feed the ducks, he took the piece of bread we handed him and ate it himself! Good thing it was not too old! On the way back home, we passed Sam and Greg's and it was open! I was so excited that I went in and got us some chocolate gelato even though it was way past time for his nap! I ate most of it because I am a thoughtful mom who did not want the chocolate to disrupt his nap! ;) hahaha

When it was time for dinner, I realized that I had ironically planned for us to eat pork chops. Even though cooked pork is not harmful, we just could not do it! So when Matt got home we decided to go back to Sam and Greg's for dinner! If you have not been there yet, I highly recommend it! It is a quaint little pizza and gelato joint on the square. The pizza was absolutely delicious...It had a real fresh home made taste! We had to order more gelato so Matt could try it! ;) I must confess that I ate most of it again. The best surprise was that while we were waiting, the waiter told us about the FREE air hockey table upstairs! I have not played air hockey since my days at the roller skating rink! It was such a blast from the past and it kept Riley intrigued while we waited!

The boys enjoying the Air Hockey Table! I want one!

Riley eating the bread I brought for the ducks! ;)

Here are a couple more moments from our week! Enjoy!

Bath time Mohawk!

Playing with the remote!

Eating his new favorite treat!

Digging in the dirt!

Shouldn't there be plants in there? I have to admit that I am horrible at keeping plants alive.

Mowing the lawn!

Gina bought Riley this little plastic mower because he loves to push things!
He was moving so fast, I could not get a good picture of him!

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